Cluster monitoring using Elastic Agent

Hi Team,

I have a 2 production cluster at 7.16.2v, now I want to do a cluster monitoring using elastic agent.
I want to know which will be the good approach for doing cluster monitoring.

  1. Cluster monitoring using metricbeat --> by installing metricbeat on each of the elastic node and enabling elasticsearch-xpak module to monitor elastic node.
  2. Cluster monitoring using Elastic Agent --> By installing elastic agents and enabling fleet, and installing metricbeat agent on each node to monitor elastic node.

Please advice which will be the good practice, or is there any other way to monitor cluster by elastic agent without installing metricbeat.

Thank you,

Elastic Agent doesn't fully support this yet, so it's using Metricbeat directly - Monitor a cluster | Elasticsearch Guide [7.16] | Elastic

For more info see Integrations quick reference | Elastic docs technical preview, which shows the Elasticsearch integration as being a technical preview.

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