Cluster node master lost error 503

I have a cluster with 3 nodes in the maximum limit of 1000 shards in each node, there are more than 1000 indexes that were automatically created by a template by logstash, everything ok here, but nothing started to present problems in the timeout as log [internal: cluster / coordination / join] request_id timeout after 60152ms and cluster not UP, I can no longer connect via curl
"root_cause" ... type "master_not_discoverd_execption" ..
"status": "503" ..
It can not determine another master node, everything ok with the network settings, firewall, etc., I tested it.
If I stop the three nodes and erase the data around everything works.
Does elastic have limitation? my nodes have 12GB RAM each.

Has anyone ever experienced this.

If anyone can help.

Thank you,

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