Cluster or not cluster

I'm writing to you about a question I have. I tried to find the answer myself but I don't know how to formulate my search query.
I'm using elastic more and more. I'm using it for ELK monitoring (filebeat, metricbeat, etc...), and I'm using it for indexing my website in order to help clients find there content.
My ELK indexes and my web site indexes have nothing in common, there are very different.
Here is my question : Should I create a cluster or should I create two separate architectures?
If I separate them, I can tune them differently. If I use them in a same cluster, I have more redundancy.
The ELK stack uses a lot of resources and indexes a lot of data, and I don't want my clients to be slowed down because of it... My web site indexes are not updated very often but are searched a lot...
I'm hopping you can help be choose between the different possible architectures...

For performance, stability, etc. I prefer 2 clusters.
So whatever happens on the logs, I can always serve my business requests.

Money wise, it's of course cheaper to have only one cluster.

Thanks... I hoped you would say that :slight_smile:
I'll do two clusters. It's easier to manage. The price for one or two virtual machines is a lot less important than the price for unhappy clients...

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Wait... I'm still thinking about your answer... It's not about money... I have big physical machines. I can install any number of virtual machines on them. (I already created several VM for databases, tomcat, Php Wordpress, etc...)
So the question is not about money, it's about resources. Is it better to create 4 small VM, and have 2 clusters (2 machines, in each cluster) Or to create one big cluster with 4 machines, and manage the load between them (is it possible to give priority to some indexes over others)
Should I create three VM in a unique cluster (one for buisiness queries, the other for ELK queries, and the last one is sleeping waiting for another to crash)
Or maybe two big VM, one for ELK, the other for buisiness queries?

I prefer to have separated cluster states to increase stability. Which means 2 clusters.

OK. Thanks.

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