Cluster overshard issue

Hi, I have question about how to solve the cluster overshard issue sot that things can get back to normal/

Currently, I am renting 2 node in 2 different zone.

And, I've encountered oversharding issue, show in the below picture

I have used Elastic service for past 3 years but never encoutered overshardding issue until I've added Elastic APM service 2 months ago to monitor my applications. Currently, I am mainly using Elastic APM log data to help me do further anaylsis.

But somehow, Elastic APM created so many index, If I understand correctly, each index is composed with at least 1 shard. I am guessing if the oversharding problems is caused by the elastic APM service.(correct me if I am wrong ) As below shows, there are so many small size index.

Could anyone give me a guide how can I fix this issue? I don't want to do scale up yet since I am not sure if the over sharding is simply due to I did not set up some crucial configuration or other thing else.

Just an update, I have deleted all the index which only have 0 doc count showed in the my above pictures so the shard count has a huge drop, I wonder if this is fine ?

And, I also I wonder the below indices are ok to delete since they also have 0 doc but not sure where they come from.

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