Cluster Recovery took long time

I have a cluster with 2 nodes on AWS , then I release one of them and keep another so my cluster now had 1 master node , with active_primary_shards 38180
the problem is when I test failover time recovery it took 12 hours to recover and cluster status turned into "yellow" jp as shown in attached image

You have far too many shards for a cluster that size. Read this blog post for some guidance on shards and sharding practices.

thanks for reply @Christian_Dahlqvist , so now I know that I had too many shards , is there any solution to avoid this deadly time when recover or even a solution to re-shard the cluster ??

With that number of shards I am surprised your cluster is running at all. I think it may be the largest shard count I have ever seen for a single node. As you only have 1 node your replicas will never allocate, so it seems fine, at least from that perspective.

so , is there anyway to avoid this single point of failure , to avoid cluster failure and took 12 hours to recover , such as adding new nodes ?

Adding nodes may help and provide some temporary relief, but I am quite sure you will still need to change your sharding practices.

ok thanks for your kind help , so If I decide to sharding again what is the best options ?

As outlined in the blog I linked to, try to make sure you have quite large shards as having lots of small indices and shards is very inefficient.

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