Cluster Routing Allocation Settings

We have a cluster of two nodes (ES 2.2), indexes have one replica so all shards are in both nodes. If we restart a node, all shards in that node are set as unasigned, we think this can be resolved with

"transient": {
"cluster": {
"routing": {
"allocation": {
"enable": "none"

but we don't understand the meaning of another parameter disable_allocation": "false"? is from another version?

how can then reset transient settings?


It won't prevent that, you will still have half of your shards unassigned.

It's the same thing, just an older variant/

That's difficult until 5.X, so you should upgrade.

Thansk for the response, can we prevent " all shards in that node are set as unasigned" in another way?
so we have no shards unassigned, or at least a big % of them?

Don't shut down the node, or add more nodes.

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