Cluster stuck with relocating shards after it turned green

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Cluster stuck in relocating shards after it turned green. Here are two
types of tasks that are being executed.


"insert_order" : 14566,

"proirity" : "HIGH",

"source" : "shard-started ([du_shnindex_18530_2014_5][0],

node[t4063UbEQ7ePgIA841x3qA], [P], s[INITIALIZING]), reason [after recovery
from gateway]",

"time_in_queue_millis" : 28314,

"time_in_queue" : "28.3s"

}, {

"insert_order" : 14567,

"proirity" : "HIGH",

"source" : "shard-started ([shnindex_19548_2014_4][1],

node[qPihy8qxR7uQomrqVrfNCw], relocating [q9lq7Q1cTgqAf4X5wq2XgQ], [P],
s[INITIALIZING]), reason [master
zone=zone_spop-sjc} marked shard as initializing, but shard already
started, mark shard as started]",

"time_in_queue_millis" : 27810,

"time_in_queue" : "27.8s"


Any idea why this would happen? I am using 0.90.5 version.



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