Cluster taking lot of time while Indexing and Updation

Hi All,

When i tried to indexing document or update document into ES, It takes lot of time. But search performance is good.

Its takes around 30 seconds to put/update document.
I am using only bulk update and bulk index on production environment but it got stuck.

PUT /test/_bulk

And get response of this hit is

  "took": 39734,
  "errors": false,
  "items": [
        "index": {
           "_index": "test",
           "_type": "event",
           "_id": "1503987207_1",
           "_version": 7,
           "result": "updated",
           "_shards": {
              "total": 2,
              "successful": 2,
              "failed": 0
           "created": false,
           "status": 200

I am using Elasticsearch 5.5
I have one cluster with 3 data node and 1 master node

Data node, each have config.
8 core cpu


Master have config
8 core cpu

and we assign 13GB RAM to Heap of each node.


indices.memory.index_buffer_size: 40%
thread_pool.bulk.queue_size: 3000


All node have load around 2.

Please help me to search query with children on cluster1.

Thanks in advance

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