ClusterBlockException issue

Hi All,

We are using elasticsearch 1.3.7 cluster with 5 data only nodes and 3 master only nodes with 6 GB heap size for each node.
FYI,already we are in ES upgrading progress.

Today suddenly one node got removed , shards are gone to unassigned .
Data node got removed due to GC occurrence and Slow queries
Why we are getting this ClusterBlockException in data node failure?

We gone to cluster with master only and Data only nodes for avoid this ClusterBlockException because we already suffered this issue when master node (data cum master) failure occurs .

can you please help and suggest us!!

Upgrade ASAP!

At least to latest 1.7 although 1.7 is not maintained anymore (EOL).

That was a good idea indeed. I'd recommend keeping that strategy.

May be restart the master nodes? At least look at their logs.

Thanks @dadoonet

Checked in master logs . there is no restart in master nodes.

while checking log , master node removed data node from cluster due to long pause GC .
after GC end, data node back to normal ( not in cluster ) and that data node starts electing new master .
it is added to cluster after bouncing that node

then what is reason behind ClusterBlockException issue ?

So may be try to restart the master nodes?

@dadoonet Thanks lot

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