Clusters in yellow state due to upcoming License Expiry Alert

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We have set up a dedicated non -prod and prod monitoring cluster for the different clusters in our environments. We are facing an issue at present that all the clusters are in a yellow state due to the following:
Low severity alert
This cluster's license is going to expire in 1 months 26 days at November 22, 2018 12:59 AM CET. Update your license.

It is the same state for production cluster as well. There is still 2 months left to renew the license and it will take some time but this yellow state of all the clusters does not look good.

  • Is this yellow state a default behavior of monitoring if the license is going to expiry within a month or can we extend the time period for this alert to pop up like 2 weeks before or something like that?
  • Will the clusters remain in yellow state until and unless we update the license?
  • Is there any way to turn the yellow state to green again before we can update the license?

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