Collect files from remote machine or install multiple Filebeat or remote


From what I understand, if I need Filebeat to collect logs from remote machine, I need to have shared file system with the remote mschine, so the Filebeat will be able to reach the files as if they where local, just by getting the path.

I want to check other option to install various Filebeats, each on a diffrent remote machine, and that they will send the data to a single Logstach.

Can I install and define various logstashes on remote machines taat will send info to a single elasticsearch ?


We always recommend installing Filebeat on the remote servers. Using shared folders is not supported.

The typical setup is that you have a Logstash + Elasticsearch + Kibana in a central place (one or multiple servers) and Filebeat installed on the remote machines from where you are collecting data.

You can have multiple Filebeat and Logstash instances sending to the same Elasticsearch, sure.

Great answer. Thank you.

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