Collect logs from a remote servers without installing Filebeat on all the remote servers

We are currently using Logstash and Filebeat to collect logs from multiple servers on same network, where Filebeat is installed on each server to ship the logs.
Now we have a different requirement to collect logs from a remote server which doesn't allow us to push any thing to local server. But we can instantiate a request from local server and the remote server can reply. So please suggest me with right approach.

There is nothing that beats or LS can do here.

Maybe you can ssh mount the log directory on a node that runs beats/LS.

Thank you for the quick reply.
I was wondering if it is possible use logstash input plugin "tcp" to connect to the remote server using mode "client" and host and port fields specified.
If I connect to the client this way do we still have to use Filebeat, or Logstash itself can read the logs from remote client?

No, that is a passive listening port only.

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