Install Filebeat on the client side

I am using the Log (server) -> Filebeat (server) -> Logstash (client) ->Elasticsearch (client) pipeline.
Is it possible to install Filebeat on the client side to collect logs from the server?
If not is there a similar tool to filebeat that can achieve this?
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Yes, it is.

Thanks for your reply.
Can you copy a link to filebeat page where it is specified how to set input as remote host? I cannot find it..

You cannot do that, it needs to be installed.

So it is not possible then..
Is there any other tool to achieve this?

Sorry, I misunderstood that.

Your requirements are not very clear.

Filebeat is no server, but a log shipper. It's main purpose is sending files from a localmachine to Logstash or Elasticsearch. That is with filebeat you would have the log server write to local files and use filebeat to forward those files. The files on the log server would act as buffer in this case.

If you want to forward directly, why not directly forward to Logstash? Logstash supports syslog and many other protocols as input.

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