Collecting Json/CSV data from a URL as input

Hello Team,

I am collecting list of IOC from various sources using minemeld and it is available in a URL.

How do I collect the list of IPs and send it into elasticsearch ?

basically my requirement is to collect dynamic IOC from Minemeld and use it with my ELK stack.

my approaches

  1. Collect IOC list and store it in a json file and use it with Translate filter in logstash for adding IP reputation check.
  2. Collect IOC list and send it to elasticsearch directly and store it in a separate index.

** minemeld has logtsash output which sends TCP data at port 5514. but it doesn't work for me. So i am going for collecting IOC in a file and using it with translate filter in logstash.

if some one has already tried minemeld logstash output - kindly help.


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