Collecting logs - 75 days

I have installed Windows ELK-6.4.0-0. It works almost fine but I can collect logs (..\elasticsearch\data\nodes\0\indices) only for 75 days, I would like to collect logs for 180 days, what and where should I change to extend collecting logs from 75 to 180 days?
After 75 days I can't connect to web site to see logs, when I delete some oldest logs everything works normally

Elasticsearch doesn't have any retention limits, it will just keep storing data.

Enable and use Monitoring to see what is happening. It sounds like your cluster is overloaded, so you need to find out why.

Have a look at this blog post and this webinar.

I will be more precise, I have installed -oss version of ELK and there is not xpack which contain monitoring feature. So, how can I monitor ELK itself? Is there a tool which could I use to see what is going on with ELK, why it collects logs for 75 days?

Our recommendation would be to use Monitoring in X-Pack, it's free after all.

Otherwise you may need to use something external. I think there are a few tools like the head plugin that might offer some insight/

I thought that X-Pack is only built-in in normal version of ELK not -oss, so I will try to install in my version and watch what is going on with my ELK.
I have checked and the last version X-Pack is 6.2.4, can I use it with my version of ELK 6.4?

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