Color code table row and graph bar depending depending on a threshold

Referring below/attached table screenshot:
We want to show different color coding of a bar graph (or) a row item in a table depending on a threshold value.

Threshold is not same for processes mentioned under 'processes name' column.

From screenshot, we want to achieve:
For BOT 1, when Execution% > 75% then we want to show that row in Green.
But for BOT 2, when execution% < 50 %, then we want to show that row in Red.

Please suggest.

What Version are you on?

Thanks for responding. Version we are on: 7.16.
Please suggest.

Use Lens Table. I think this should work for 7.16 (I am at 8.4 but pretty sure that was there)

The for the Column / Metric you want to color example Execution %

Set the metrics name and function like Average Execution %

If it is a Percent then set Data Then Color by Cell / or Text. This example show Cell

Then Edit The Color Setting

Now here is the tricky part DO NOT pick pick percent type IF your number is already a Percent
Percent means pick a Percent of the Total Range which is a Percent of a Percent it will be confusing
Pick Number

The UI is a little Weird / Strange / Buggy Pick your Colors and Start from your Max Color Down... it will sometime reset on you. But it Works

And that should work!

@stephenb Thanks a lot :slight_smile: . With suggested approach I could color the table. But the issue in my case is that threshold is NOT same for all processes ('process name' column in screenshot).
For process 1 threshold will be 50%, for process 2 it will be 75% etc. With current approach we can highlight rows with same threshold across all process names.

How can we put this additional condition- proces name and threshold combo? Please suggest.

Not sure I completely understand....

But in your layout no you can not do that as far as I know. You Can not create a different Color Scheme based on some the value of some other column

How many Process Types?

You could make the Separate Column / Metrics Filtered by the Process then you could define a color scheme for each

The only other thing I could think is make some Runtime field based on all the logic and use that.

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