Color coding on different value

In my document I have 3 fields, first is timestamp, second is absolute_value and third is percentage_value. I want show this data in Table type visualization . So in rows I am show timestamp and in metrics i want display absolute_value but will apply color which is based on percentage_value.
So anyone suggest any approach for that..

Hi @Rushi_Bagul

if you mean to color based on aggregated value, then it is possible to do that in Lens:

If you're looking for a search result table instead, like Discover table, than that's not possible.

Yes but I want show absolute_value and that colour will be applying on aggregated value or percentage_value. aggregated value or percentage_value don't want show in table. Is this possible in lens?

No, that's not currently possible to show a column and color it by another column value.

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Okk thank you

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