Colors on different threshold values

We are having one index called resources, which consist of timeseries data i.e. each and every document is having value with timestamp.
I want to show this timeseries data in table view with following column: name timestamp and value. Here we want to color the value cell based on Its threshold value (Some of the documents are having same threshold value and some of the documents are having different threshold value) Based on threshold value I want to color it as geen, umber und red.
Anyone suggest any approach for that?

If you're using a Kibana Lens visualisation to create the table, you'll be able to add cell coloring for each metric (column) in the table.

Yes we had tried that cell colouring approach. But in that we can only apply color based on percentage value or absolute value.
But our requirement is that we want to color the cell based on one script. Where we will check whether value is falling in which threshold. And here threshold is present in another index document.

I see, that's a bit more complex than Lens can handle out of the box I think.
You might be able to sort the scripting part with a Runtime Field but I don't think that will be able to look at a different index to fetch the threshold, you might solve that part with a Transform but that might be more complex than it's worth.

Perhaps there are other solutions to your problem, such as using Alerting to check?

Thank you for this .

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