Combine daily indices into monthly with ILM


I would like to combine daily indices into monthly. I'd like to ask if this can be performed with Index Lifecycle Management in 7.12. There are reindex related questions, but should be old to include an ILM solution:

From what I read, I understand that reindexing daily indices to monthly ones, is not possible with ILM? In the 7.12 docs Size your shards, ILM is mentioned for some cases but not for the "Combine smaller indices" case. Also, in the 7.12 docs Index lifecycle actions I believe I don't see a relevant action.

If it's not possible in 7.12, I'd then like to ask it it's implemented in 7.13 (not released yet)?


Correct. It is generally better to make sure you reach the ideal shard size when you initially as reindexing is resource intensive. If you use rollover with ILM you can trigger rollover based on size and get very even sized shards optimal for performance and long retention.

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ILM is about putting caps on indices and rolling them when you hit those.

If you have existing daily indices, you want to use reindex to merge them into monthly.

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