Combine Exact/phrase search and * to get results starting with firstname lastname* - Robert will*

I want to search for Robert Will*
and expecting results that include Robert willow , Robert wills
But I am getting documents that contain Robert Smith with street address 18 willow street
Question 1) How to get results with Robert and willow next to each other
Question 2) I know I can do phrase search "Robert Willow" but is there a way to combine phrase search and * like "Robert will" * to get all names starting
Robert will*


There are a couple of things to take a look at. First, you are probably searching across several fields, if a street address is returned. Second, you might be searching with the OR operator instead of AND, so that everything matching Robert is already a hit?

The solution to your first question is using a so-called phrase query to search for terms next to each other.

The solution to your second question might be the search as you type field type.

Hope this helps as a start!

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