Combine fields in query

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I have the following document in my index:

  "_id": "0012020310",
  "_source": {
    "ConstructionProject": {
      "Candidates": [
          "InterestIndicator": "NORMAL",
          "State": "CONTRACTOR"
          "InterestIndicator": "BIG",
          "State": "CLIENT"

If i send the following query (ConstructionProject.Candidates.InterestIndicator:NORMAL AND ConstructionProject.Candidates.State:CLIENT) to my elastic I get the document above back. That's perfect but it's not what I need. I need a query which searches on "Candidate" level which means, the document should get returned if the query fields "InterestIndicator:NORMAL" AND "State:CLIENT" will be found in one single candidate. Has anyone an idea?


(Mark Harwood) #2

Hi Josef,
You need to use the nested datatype and nested query for these scenarios when you need to match >1 field of an object in an array.

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(Josef Fritzer) #3

Hello Mark, this is what I've been looking for, thank you very much!

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