Combine multiple terms aggregation as a pipeline

Lets say I have two fields in my docs location and projects. I want a terms aggregation on locations first and then on each of the aggregated buckets run a terms aggregation on projects. Is this possible? I went through the docs but was unable to find a pipeline aggregation using terms


can you explain why you need a pipeline agg for this? This sounds like having a terms on the location first and then a inner aggregation on the projects so that you get aggregations per project-per location sounds like this already solved the problem.

What am I missing?


Yes thats right, I shouldn't have used the term pipeline I guess sounds confusing but I thought since it project based aggreagtion will work on the output of location based agg so I thought I might need to use a pipeline for it.

@spinscale are successive terms aggregation possible?

Yes, take another closer look at the structure at

There is also an example using the max aggregation in the terms agg docs, see

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