Combining BoolQueryDescriptor in Nest 2.x

The following code has two variables of type BoolQueryDescriptor. The repective variables have their own different Must, MustNot, Filter parts in them.

Is there a way to combine all the respective Must(s) , Filters , MustNot(s) from each of the variables into 1 BoolQueryDescriptor variable and feed to final query or Boolquery.

BoolQueryDescriptor queryParameter = null;
BoolQueryDescriptor queryParameterMultiple = null;

queryParameter = QueryFilterBuilder.BuildQueryFilter(group);
queryParameterMultiple = QueryFilterBuilder.BuildQueryFilterForMultipleInputValues(group);

Var searchResult = elasticClient.Search(query => query.Query(q => q.Bool(b => queryParameter)).Index(IndexConstants.Requote).Size(searchInputs.ResultCount).From(searchInputs.From).Sort(s => s.Field(sortField, sortOrder)));