Command line syntax to use the logstash.yml instead of the pipeline (.conf)

I see plenty of examples with the command line option -f for using a specific pipeline file can I use the same syntax to use a specific logstash.yml file?

the current helm file settings I have are

- logstash
- '-f'
- /usr/share/logstash/pipeline/logstash.conf
- '-l'
- /var/log
- '--log.level'
- debug

is it really as simple as replacing the path for the conf file with the yml file?

I think you are looking for --path.settings

--path.settings SETTINGS_DIR
Set the directory containing the logstash.yml settings file as well as the log4j logging configuration. This can also be set through the LS_SETTINGS_DIR environment variable. The default is the config directory under Logstash home.

by specifying the path.settings value to a floder will logstash also read the startup.options file?

If you mean jvm.options then yes. I am not familiar with startup.options.

Can you provide a little more of context of what you are trying to do?

The -f option is used to run Logstash pipeline configurations, it has nothing to do with logstash.yml.

The file logstash.yml is the file where you configure settings for the logstash process like the node name, the paths it will use and other options.

There is also the file pipelines.yml which is where you should configure your pipelines when you want to run multiple pipelines.

The files logstash.yml and pipelines.yml should be located in the settings path, which you can specify running logstash with the --path.settings option.

The startup.options was used in the past to create the init files to run Logstash as a service, but I don't think it is needed anymore and it is not used when you run logstash using the command line.

Thank you for the explanation. In answer to your request; we're using logstash to centralize our microservices operation logs. We only have one pipeline at this time. We're running logstash in a K8 cluster. We're currently working to automate the deployment of this service from one environment to the next (dev, QA, UAT, production). The reason for the command line based questions is because our helm file starts the service using a command and want to use these command line arguments to direct logstash to the correct configuration for the given operating environment.

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