what is the meaning of the following command?

bin/logstash -b 2000 -w 8

Source :

-b, --pipeline.batch.size SIZE

Size of batches the pipeline is to work in. This option defines the maximum number of events an individual worker thread will collect from inputs before attempting to execute its filters and outputs. The default is 125 events. Larger batch sizes are generally more efficient, but come at the cost of increased memory overhead. You may need to increase JVM heap space in the jvm.options config file. See Logstash Configuration Files for more info.

-w, --pipeline.workers COUNT
Sets the number of pipeline workers to run. This option sets the number of workers that will, in parallel, execute the filter and output stages of the pipeline. If you find that events are backing up, or that the CPU is not saturated, consider increasing this number to better utilize machine processing power. The default is the number of the host’s CPU cores.

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