Compare a vector to a list of vectors contained in each document


Each of my documents contain a list of dense_vectors inside a nested object : words.vector

I try to compare my input vector to all documents' words.vector properties.

I currently try with the following but elasticsearch tells me script_score function must not produce negative scores... :

GET test_words/_search
  "query": {
    "nested": {
      "path": "words",
      "score_mode": "min",
      "query": {
        "function_score": {
          "script_score": {
            "script": {
                "source": "cosineSimilarity(params.myvector, 'words.vector')",
                "params": {
                    "myvector": [

How could I achieve that ?

Thank you,

Elasticsearch doesn't allow for documents to produce scores < 0. As cosineSimilarity function returns values from [-1;1] to ensure non-negative scores, you need to add 1 to your function like this:
cosineSimilarity(params.myvector, 'words.vector') + 1.

This is also explained in our documentation.

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