Compare average and individual dynamics (in TSVB)

Hi there,

I've created a TSVB-visualization that plots the dynamics of an average rang (of all players) and individual rangs. It looks like that:

This visualization is used in a dashboard filtered by a single player (i.e. a player's ID is indicated so that all data & graphs for this player are shown). And when the TSVB becomes also filtered, a "common" average value coincides with the "personal" one (see a screenshot).

In TSVB "Panel options" there is "Ignore global filter", but this option conserves the values for ALL players. How can I "freeze" a common average value and then compare it with the one of a specified player?

Set Panel filter to the desired player name under the TSVB Panel options tab for the TSVB chart that ignores global filters. This will ensure the TSVB chart always displays stats for a single player regardless of filter settings. This TSVB chart can then be used to to compare other players against the specified player from the Panel filter.

Actually the question is a bit different: how to always display a common average value? As for a player name filter, it can be set in dashboard. I think that it's possible to add a scripted field calculating an average value to the index, but it can be quite expense.

So are there any ideas? I need to ensure the TSVB chart always displays stats for an average value regardless of filter settings. Then I want to compare it with some player

Then just set "ignore global filter" to yes and your TSVB will ignore filters

In that case I get a vizualization with both average value and players' values. And I need to hold only an average value

The solution is to build 2 corresponding visualizations and to place them near each other

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