Compare child span between transactions

I have added custom span for my application.
I have same transaction being executed several times which might take different time in each iteration.
To understand the reason for varying time between transaction, i would like to compare each span between the transaction.
How can i compare the span between the transactions?

Hello @Bhagya1218! That is an interesting use case. We have a lot of visualisations for transactions, but maybe less for spans. In this case I think the best solution would be to use another Kibana visualisation tool, like Discover. You can then use the transaction id of "Parent transaction" to display all spans for that trace. If you add span.duration as a column, you could compare the duration of the spans per transaction. Of course, you can do a lot more advanced stuff as well, like aggregations if you use one of the other tools like Visualize or Lens.

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