Compare lists which are from group by


i'm working on KIBANA recently, and creating lots of beautiful & helpful widget :slight_smile:

from now, i can make widgets which i planned with informative blogs, posts, guidepage.

but i stuck on one widget, which represent 'Returning User'

the plan of widget is like this,

assume that i have index data like

{ID : A, timestamp : 2019-01-01, ...}
{ID : B, timestamp : 2019-01-01, ...}
{ID : A, timestamp : 2019-01-02, ...}
{ID : C, timestamp : 2019-01-02, ...}

then, i want to 'Count' of returning user who appear on today & yesterday
on my above dataset, returning user count on 2019-01-02 should be 1(which is A).

i try to build this widget with Visual builder & metric(because i just want to count), but still have no progress with this.

as i think, i should compare unique id list of both day, like
2019-01-01 : [A,B]
2019-01-02 : [A,C]
but still have no idea about how can i use groupby query regarding this requirement on 'Metric' or 'Visual Builder' page.

i need some help about this one.
it would be great to get some comment by you guys.


This is not something that can really be accomplished with default Kibana visualizations. The best option for you would be to use the SQL expressions in Canvas. This is a good place to start:

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