Compare/Merge 2 type of dataset

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I user winlogbeat to collet my window log which include username. And I have a csv file which contain the username and user department. May I know is it possible to compare those datasets username field, if those username are same, add department to the winlogbeat log?


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You can use the translate filter in logstash to that.

I tried but fail. I use below code for window log but no result return even no department field show up. However, i use csv for testing is success. they are same code. Any idea?

filter {
  translate {
    field => [""]
    destination => ["department"]
    fallback => "not_found"
	dictionary_path => "D:\elastic\logstash-7.14.0\config\test.yaml"

In logstash, that would be a field with two dots in its name, not a field within a field within a field. Use

field => "[winlog][user][name]"

Dear Badger,

It works!! thanks!

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