Translate with array fields

Im using winlogbeat to send information to logstash and then all the information goes to a log in filesystem and some information goes to elasticsearch.

To identify which information to store in ES, I identify certain events i dont want to store, those events are based on some values for [winlog][provider_name] [winlog][task] and [winlog][keywords].

I'd like to use translate, but as the field [winlog][keywords] is an array i dont know if theres something like an IN
for instance:

    "winlog": {
      "keywords": [
        "Audit Success"
      "provider_name": "Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing",
      "task": "Logon",

I want to be able to tell that if provider_name is "Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing" and task is "Logon" and "Audit Success" is in Keywords, then i want to add a field to_es with "false"

I can do it with if-then-else, but would like to use translate as its more easy to customize and maintain in the future.

Any idea?


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