Compare two fields using Nest

(Lalit Khanna) #1

I'm struggling to compare two fields using Nest client for c#, can somebody help me to achieve this?
For Example : I've two fields like FirstName & Name in my index, I want to compare these fields.


(Russ Cam) #2

What do you mean by compare? Compare the values that are indexed for each field for each document?

(Lalit Khanna) #3

Lets assume you've Index called people & there we've following fields
1.Name (which have full name)
2.First Name
2.Last Name
3.Middle Name

Now I want to compare 1.)Name & 2.) Full Name through out the index, so how can I do in Nest(c#) ?

Hope this will help you.

(Russ Cam) #4

That helps a little; how are you looking to compare them? What kind of comparison are you looking to perform?

(Lalit Khanna) #5

equal comparison (String)

(system) #6

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