Comparing two document

What I want to know is how similar two document in Elasticsearch in same type.
For example how similar doc with id=1 and document with id=14.
I expect to get the number of similar fields, but matching score is OK..
Thanks in advance


the definition of what is being similar, is a very tricky one. Does this mean the exact same field contents, or is it ok if all terms occur in reverse order? Is it ok if all the terms occur in different fields and documents are still similar? Or does each field have to have the exact same value as the field in the other document? How much tolerance do you allow for? Does a typo in one field still mean it is similar?

As you see, this is a tricky topic, so this question is hard to answer.

A possible little helper here could be the More Like This Query, you could play around with.


Well, let me simplified..

I just want to know how many field that have same content between two document,
Loop trough every field seem to be trivial, I wondering if there is another way..

Thanks for the response