Comparison of stacked bars seems challenging

Hi there

We would like to compare activities on bucket analysis from two different time periods. We have tried split chart which is very unsuitable, so the nearest we can come to is two metrics from each datarange on each their own axis. It almost works, but the last problen is dynamic scaling of the axises.
Is there any possible way to make this visualization?
Ideally the two bars could be connected to the same axis, but then it all ends up in one bar with the entire total inside. I see two possible ways to go:

a: Make it possible for the two axises to scale according the boundaries of both resultsets

b: Make it possible to prevent the stacking of two different metrics on the same axis

To me it looks like option a would be the easiest solution to implement (if at all neccessary...)

In your screenshot, you'll notice the "Scale to Data Bounds" option. If you set this on both of your metrics, does this accomplish your first ask?

Yes, but it only affects its own axis which is the intended behaviour. What I seek is a way to make both axises align to each other.

Or a eay to prevent the data from the two metrics from beeing stacked when pointed to the same axis...

Sorry, the first word in my previous reply should have been "no"

Was there anything I could do to get a comparison with two stacked bars next to each other with the same scaling?

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