Comparison with elasticsearch

Suppose I'm storing data in key, value format in a NoSQL database like MongoDB and I need to get all documents in which a value corresponding to a particular key is <= some value. Is there a proper way of doing this query with elasticsearch?

For eg, I've documents:
{A: 3, B:5}
{A: 2, B:7}
{A: 31, B:10}
{A: 43, B:1} and I want documents with B <= 5, so I get first and last documents.

I know there's a way to do this in MongoDB, but data size is very big (TBs) and I'm looking for a better performance, if there, is with elasticsearch. Thanks.

A range query should do that easily.

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Thanks for quick reply. I found gte, gt, lte, lt operators. I presume = and != correspond to must and must_not?

Yes. Can be must or filter or should depending on what you want to do.

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