Compile nodegit on ppc64le for Kibana 7.2.1

I tried to build Kibana 7.2.1 to run on ppc64le platform. But I run into issue on building nodegit. npm install and then npm get modular loading error and npm rebuild binary gives error on
[nodegit] Configuring libssh2.
make: *** No rule to make target Release/', needed byRelease/'. Stop.

I am using gcc 4.9.4, node v10.15.2. My openssl is 1.0.2k-fips
nodegit @0.25.0-alpha.23
Can someone let me know what I can try to make this work?

I think there is a fix going in 7.3.0 or 7.3.1 for nodegit that will allow older versions of gcc when compiling.

What is the minimum version of gcc is needed?

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