Complete file plus tail forever

Hi all,
sorry if this is already asked but I am complete noob in ELK stuff and need some advice. I have an requirement to track server log files in Angular 2 app, and I am in charge of the backend. I played a little bit with both logstash and filebeat. It would be nice (if possible) to show complete file and tail it as it changes.

Now first question is: logstash or filebeat (I am in favor of file beat, but not for some specific reason, simply it looks more devoted to tailing files, unlike logstash which looks like a Swiss-knife).

Second question is regarding how to organize "views" - say I have 3 log files. I would like to keep them in separate controls, each with its own window/scroll/etc. This opens a question - shall each file have its own websocket, or one is sufficient and UI upon message receipt just red eg path and depending on its value fills in proper control. Or one large list with filter by path is recommended?

Third - since using websockets, I would like to prevent direct connection to websocket, since client is behind NAT and Firewall. Is it possible to somehow proxy WS over HTTPS with Nginx, so when connecting to WS we use eg http://myserver/ws instead of ws://myserver:3232

Thank you kindly

I can't answer your 2nd and 3rd questions as they aren't so much about Beats but more about web development. I'll try to answer your first question: I would start out using Filebeat. You should be able to get pretty far with that. If you start running into any limitations or specific issues, bring them back to this forum and we'll be happy to help!



Thanks. Does Beats also provides websocket output - I was unable to figure this out?


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