Completion in elasticsearch 5.0

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hi, we are creating a function ' "search as you type" to "suggcontratto" field that contains more values ​​(array of strings) defined in our document. The field has been defined as "completion".

            "Suggcontratto": {
                "Type": "completion",
                "Analyzer", "Standard",
                "Search_analyzer": "standard"

Following is an entry for a document in our store:
"Suggcontratto": {
"Input": [ "00015IP789 JPMorgan Found", "00015FP789 BlackRock"
"000123456688 C / C xxxxxx"]}

The inquiry by the endpoint _suggest, for example with the prefix "0001", only return the first value: "000123456688 C / C xxxxxx", ignoring the fact that the other array entries meet the criteria set. In practice, the response contains the options section with a single entry where is reported the text "000123456688 C / C fideuram":

"Options": [
"Text": "000123456688 C / C fideuram"

Here are details of our installation:
Di seguito i dettagli della nostra installazione:
"name": "SoepnU1",
"cluster_name": "elasticsearch",
"cluster_uuid": "k3O_Q1mVTMGg4bV5Zk3j8Q",
"version": {
"number": "5.0.1",
"build_hash": "080bb47",
"build_date": "2016-11-11T22:08:49.812Z",
"build_snapshot": false,
"lucene_version": "6.2.1"
"tagline": "You Know, for Search"

The question is:
There is a way to obtain that output containing all entry options resulting from the research? Or the mode "completion" does not have this possibility? Thank you for the support that you could give us.

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