Completion Suggester - Access payload from another Index

I have few indices A,B,C each having userId,name,etc.

I want to search text in A and if a hit is found, the payload should return
the following:

  1. userId, name of that doc in Index A
  2. documentID/s of Index B,C

This behavior extends to the search in Index B and C as well.

Step 1. How do I store this in the payload for each Index ?

The structure for payload looks like, eg.A
"payload" : {

  • "userId" : "A1",*
    "name" : a1",
    "documentIDForB" : ,
    "listDocumentIDForC" : []

Step 2. How do I retrieve the payload information directly from Index B,C
? Is this treated as any other regular field when retrieving info from a
doc in ES?


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