Completion Suggester limit documents

Is there a way to configure completion suggester to only match documents containing a specific field ?
My document looks like this :-
"first_name" : "jack",
"last_name" : "chan",
"email" : "",
"org_id" : 9001,
"suggest" : {
"input" : ["jack","chan",""]

When a user types "ja" I want to be able to say "Get me all users starting with "ja" in org_id 9001?".

I am aware of the context suggester / category context feature, and I am skeptical if it will scale in my situation due to high cardinality in organization_id's. I expect to have 10-20 million users with 300k-400k unique org_id's. So adding a category context on org_id feels like the wrong way to go.

Can anyone suggest an alternative approach. Thanks

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