Completion suggester -- too many combinations


I've been playing around with the completion suggester and it's really
nice. But, there's something I'm either not understanding or it can't be

Let's say I have a title of a song: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

I want to match that title if someone types "somewhere", or the first few
characters of the word, and I also want to match if someone types part or
all of the word "rainbow." That's easy enough. I just make "somewhere" and
"rainbow" phrases to the suggester that map to the title.

But, I also want to match the song if someone type "somewhere rainbow".

I'm actually working with a large number of titles of scientific documents.
I expect users to enter multiple keywords to narrow the suggestions down.
Some of these titles could be long so it's not going to be practical to
create combinations of multiple keywords. There will be too many of those.

Is there a way to do what I want?


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