_component_template APT got error

Hello experts,
We are doing features about data-stream,ilm....I use GET /_component_template/template_1,template_2API to get more templates for once,but I got an error: resource_not_found_exception,I had see the guide,I think it shoud be allowd for comma-separated list of component template names.
This is the description on guide, but now it can't work,I don't know what happened.Is it a question?

These are component_templates in my elasticsearch cluster.

Then I use the API to get more templates,the following error returned.

Are there some ideas for it ? Is this been allowed?

Also, and I find a question,

API maybe been described incorrectly.

Looking forward to any help! Thank you!

Sorry,did anyone see it? How can I do? Does it still have a chance to be replied? Please help me to proceed it faster.

that looks like a bug in the documentation. Must be GET /_component_template/<component-template> , where <component-template> is just a place holder.

I'll open a PR to fix. Thanks for raising it!

It's my pleasure,and this is what should be done.
I want to ask this:
When making a question to get multiple component templates at once,why does it return an error, as mentioned in the topic. Is it Invalid? But It is mentioned in the API documentation that the batch acquisition operation is allowed.

I think that there is a bug (either wrong documentation or missing functionality). You can

  • retrieve a template by its name
  • Use a wildcard like foo* to retrieve several templates

The comma based notation does not seem to be supported at the moment. I'll open an issue for that one as well.

I opened Component Templates: Retrieving several templates seperated by commas is not possible · Issue #72875 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub

Ok,thank you very much,I will always pay attention to that.

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