Composite aggregation returns after_key even when there are no more buckets

I've been working on a query that performs a composite aggregation with a large number of buckets. When I set the aggregation size to 50,000, all buckets fit in the response. However, after_key is still present in the response.

Sending a second query with after set to this value takes about the same amount of time as the first query (10 seconds or so) but returns no buckets and no after_key, which wastes time and resources doing nothing.

So I have two questions about this:

  1. Is this intended behavior, or is this a bug? I would expect after_key to not be present if there are no more buckets, but the composite aggregation documentation doesn't specify the circumstances under which after_key is present.
  2. If the number of buckets is less than the aggregation size, is it guaranteed that there are no more buckets? If it is guaranteed then I can simply end pagination in that case.

I am using Elasticsearch 8.8.2.

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