Composite Filter and or Quarry?

Hello is there a way to filter out results in a composite search?

is there a way to set up a filter and or could I use a quarry?

if so how would that look in the DSL search language?

Hi @iukea,

you can use the bool query to create composite queries, for instance:

GET test/_search
  "query" : {
    "bool" : {
      "filter": [
	{"range": {"timestamp1": {"gte": "now-1w"}}},
	{"range": {"timestamp2": {"gte": "now-2d"}}}
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Thank you!

would there be a way to do a composite search that grabs all the src_ips from my NGIX logs and filter out the Src_IPs from my Apache logs?

Those logs are in the same index, but there I tell them apart by

type : Apache
   - Src_ip


 type: NGIX  

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