Compound score computation details


In my use case I rank documents regarding an input request relying on a compound score used for the ranking. This compound score is a weighted sum of 3 text similarity scores as follow:
score = weight1 * score1 + weight2 * score2 + weight3 * score3.

Each score relates to a given text field and similarity defined in the index mapping, for instance:

    "settings": {
           "similarity": {"text_similarity":{}}  # not detailed here
     "mappings": {
          "properties": {
                "text1": {
                    "type": "text",
                    "similarity": "text_similarity",
         # same for text2 and text3

On the query side, I have a function score for each score, for instance:

    "query": {
         "bool": {
             "should": [
                          "function_score": {
                               "query": {"match" : {"text1":  request_text1}},
                               "boost": weight1
                     # function score text2
                     # function score text3

My goal is to have the detail of each score beside the final compound score.
I am aware of explain API, however the order of the 3 function scores in the explanation changes which makes difficult to associate a given value to a score.
Moreover the explain API impacts significantly the query time.

Is there a better way to obtain the detail of each score? Am I missing something?

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