Conditional indexing in metricbeat using Ingest node pipeline creates a datastream

I am trying to achieve conditional indexing for namespaces in elastic using ingest node pipelines. I used the below pipeline but the index getting created when I add the pipeline in metricbeat.yml is in form of datastreams.

PUT _ingest/pipeline/sample-pipeline
      "processors": [
          "set": {
            "field": "_index",
            "copy_from": "metricbeat-dev",
            "if": "ctx.kubernetes?.namespace==\"dev\"",
            "ignore_failure": true

Expected index name is metricbeat-dev but i am getting the value in _index as .ds-metricbeat-dev. This works fine when I test with one document but when I implement it in yml file I get the index name starting with .ds- why is this happening?

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