Config file [D:\kibana\.kbnconfig] was not found

When i execute "yarn kbn bootstrap",it has following error:

Could someone help me?

Hey, can you share what steps you've done so far to install Kibana? the npm package "kbn" isn't associated, the command is a link from the kbn-pm package in the packages folder.

The command should be available from a git clone without any additional changes.

I @jbudz
I used kibana 6.3.2,and i don't use git clone to download Kibana,i download kibana from the location of the screenshot below:

I understand what you mean,i used installation package,i need use git clone to config development environment.It will automatically support the kba command.Is that right?if i want to use kibana 6.3.2.How should I use git clone?Thanks.

Yep you got it. Something like:

git clone
cd kibana
git fetch origin
git checkout v6.3.2
yarn kbn bootstrap
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