Config file needs to be owned by root or beat user. Best practice?

Hi there,

I am trying out filebeat on docker, running my dev instance containerized.
For developing logstash pipelines I thought I instanciate just a full stack single instance and use a filebeat container to restart every time I want to have the log reparsed.

Unfortunately docker itself needs root permissions but my user is allowed to deal with docker via sudo.
But what is the best practice to deal with filebeat configuration files and their permission when running in docker? I don't like to be root all the time to change the config files.
I thought I bind just the configuration from the host into the filebeat container. Changing config as unpriviliged user and run it in filebeat. As I saw the docker container runs filebeat as filebeat user, but that one is not existing on the host.

Is there a way to disable the owner and permission check for the config files? Or what is the best practice?

Thanks, Andreas

The config file owner check is on purpose. You can disable it by adding the command line flag --strict.perms false.

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