Config files

I am trying to understand how to set up logstash .conf files to see what is required.

I am considering a separate .conf files for each index/type of metric being captured.

On the web it suggests that even if they are split then logstash merged them in flight being executing, therefore they are implicitly just one file?

I would expect each input to have a different output, but it would seem that to achieve this each input has to have a type set and the output would have to check that input type is this really correct?

Is there an example file anywhere that shows how to set up an environment with many inputs and many outputs?

Your *.conf file can contain your inputs, filters and outputs and each *.conf file can represent a single pipeline.


input {whatever}
filter {}
output {output for a.conf}


input {whatever}
filter {}
output {output for b.conf}

Logstash can have multiple pipelines and each one of these pipelines will be separated from each other.

But for each pipeline you can have one or more config files.

If you configure a pipeline pointing to one folder with config files, it will merge all those files when starting, but this pipeline will be separated from the others.

This is the documentation about multiple pipelines.

If you want an example, I wrote this small blog post about using multiple pipelines a couple of months ago.


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