Several configuration files for one pipeline

I'm trying to reduce high cpu consumption in our logstash, so i decide to join several pipelines in one and run these configuration files as only one pipeline

I'm testing with only two files without filter, only input and output and i don't get any messsage in log and it is not indexing any data, could some help me to debug it?

First File: 10-input.conf

input {
  http {
        port => 6969
        type => "http"
        user => "xxxx"
        password => "xxxx"

Second File: 30-output.conf

output {
         elasticsearch {
            hosts => ["https://x.x.x.x:9200"]

            user => 'test'
            password => 'xxxxx'
            index => "test"
            ilm_enabled => "false"
            manage_template => "false"
	    cacert => 'xxxx'


And I'm running them as only one pipeline, if i setup these files in different pipelines, I get data in the index, but joining them into one pipeline doesn't work. any idea?

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